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Sexy girl game characters

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I myself never compare my body to a fictional character. Back in when Resident Evil released live action cutscenes and 3D graphics were still a new thing, and Jill's only competition was Lara Croft.

Mileena Mortal Kombat series. Black lesbian sex images. Best Girl of the Mass Effect series has made it on to the list. Sexy girl game characters. What is indie game development? She went on the mission anyway and failed because she was distracted by her pregnancy.

Hot female video game characters have been fueling gamers buying habits for decades now. Not only is this vampire-slayer extremely effective at her craft, but she manages to make it look super hot! Old to New Likes: Rayne Blood Rayne Series. What a great outfit to hunt zombies in…right? Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series. Sign In Sign Up. Agree 1 Disagree 0. It is nonsense to think that girls will feel insecure about their bodies because of sexy female character. Young nude sexy girls. I can't believe anyone even said yes.

People who compare themselves to a fictional character need a shrink.

Sexy girl game characters

She used to have a hunchback. While its story sometimes mirrors reality, attractive character help attract audiences. Jill Valentine Resident Evil: After that, she became infertile because of radiation exposure during atomic testing in Nevada.

Although there will probably be some contention here Ada Wong, anyone? DivineAssault d ago boobs are always nice. She was the first barefoot female fighter in any video game. She's a master in acrobatics that is so agile she drives her enemies insane. The state of affairs mostly resembles that of a Hollywood action movie — macho men and Barbie girls, the regular archetypes who rule the world.

A bullet grazed her brain, and she was in a coma for three months. A Huge Metroid Gallery of Memes. I say that we should make more female characters like this, because even other women like them, not just men. As defined in the story, her favorite thing to do is travel, so if you plan to court her make sure it involves a plane ticket.

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While many female characters fill male fantasy check boxes, The Boss is on a different level because of her complexity, her willingness to sacrifice, and her strength.

While she might appear to be slightly over the top, her appearance and character fit perfectly into the game world and she became a quick fan favorite for cosplay. In addition to her perfect figure, she is total badass who owns a part and excels on hand to hand combat. Butt naked women. To conclude, female characters used in this way should not be deemed as being sexist because the only reason they are used is because it makes the game more appealing and the implications of removing this appeal would result in fewer players and a marginal amount of less enjoyment whilst playing the game which overall would result to a lower profit for the game developers.

It is sexist The don't show off women's best features, they just make a man's perfect girl. For as long as there have been video games there have been hot female characters. I say that we should make more female characters like this, because even other women like them, not just men. Video games are just an escape. DivineAssault d ago boobs are always nice. They find themselves constantly comparing themselves to these images and wondering why they will never look that way.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what better way to celebrate love and affection for women the world over than to compose a list of the ten sexiest female characters in video games!

She's a master in acrobatics that is so agile she drives her enemies insane. Her confident demeanor and skin-tight suit are big reasons for that.

People who compare themselves to a fictional character need a shrink.

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King of Fighters Random Fact: In addition to being gifted as a fighter this 17 year old blonde graced with one of the finest digital bodies ever. Hot young lesbians nude. As you might notice from the above picture, Chloe is best known for her rear end. Sexy girl game characters. The Animated Movie, Street Fighter.

Agree 0 Disagree 1. Although Catwoman from the Batman franchise is probably the first catgirl you can think of, you definitely don't want to forget about Felicia. And really, there's nothing wrong with that. GrimDragon d ago Honoko for the win! Some of them are very obvious while others are very subtle. The SJWs are strong with this article. Sexy girl on pool table. Yet look at all the women in the adult entertainment industry that have boob jobs.

Add a New Topic. Your daily dose of WTF. Gents and ladiesenjoy.

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